Open Day 13th of April

Our Playgroup and Kindergarten will be having an open day on Saturday the 13th of April . Read more about it here :

Free Play

30 Reasons Why Free Play Benefits Child Development | AAA State of Play Ever thought that the saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ” only applies to adults ? In our modern world with an ever increasing emphasis on results and academic learning, play seems to have taken a back […]

Kids with no free time are at a disadvantage -by Suzanne Moore

As parents and teachers pile pressure on schoolchildren, many of whom are exhibiting stress related disorders, we should ask ourselves about the real value of homework. Skills increasingly in demand in the workplace are visual, social and creative: the very attributes that develop precisely from having nothing to do. Adam Phillips in his book “On […]

Meaningful Play Time-article taken from Weleda news 1997

It is of vital importance for the development of children’s personality that they be able to play. They take their games quite seriously , and the adults around them should take them seriously as well. Children who are unable to paly is in a certain respect ill. As a result of uncontrolled stimuli which make […]